Château de Roc'h Morvan in La Roche Maurice

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Château de la Roche Maurice: get some height at Roc'h Morvan

Witness to the past

Château de la Roc'h Morvan, a medieval fortress

In the 11th century, Morvan, Viscount of Cornouaille, had the Château de la Roche Maurice built on a rocky outcrop 70 meters above sea level. The location is strategic: from here, it dominates the Élorn valley valley and plays a defensive role on the border between the viscounties of Léon and Cornouaille. 100 years later, during a feudal war, the Viscounts of Léon seized and occupied the castle. Roc'h Morvan retained its defensive position... but for the other side.

Passed into the hands of the Viscounts of Rohan in the 14th century, the château was dismantled in 1484 by French troops.

Visit the castle

In summer, take advantage of the free guided tour offered by the Tourist Office to learn all about the history of this unusual place!


A site overlooking the Élorn valley

Its position at the top of the rock offers an exceptional panoramic view over the valley. Almost a thousand years ago, lords would have watched over their lands from the fortress. As for the keep, it was built shortly after the castle and features small towers that served as firing points for archers.

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At sunset

Coming in winter? Head due west at the end of the day to admire the sunset and the fiery sky over the Élorn valley: a unique spectacle!

La Roche Maurice castle excavations - Pays de Landerneau Daoulas Tourisme

In search of treasures

An archaeological dig site

Only archaeological excavations are the only way to document the different periods of occupation of the Château de la Roche Maurice: research into the remains reveals the architectural evolution, defense systems, repairs and even elements of the daily life of the occupants.

Every summer, the Conseil Départemental du Finistère, owner of the site, launches a new excavation campaign.

Please note: due to archaeological excavations,access to the upper part of the château and its keep is currently prohibited .

For the curious

To find out more: La Roche Maurice heritage house

The château is open to visitors free of charge, all year round: interpretation panels explain the history of the site. In summer, take advantage of a guided tour to find out more! You can also visit the Heritage Houseat the foot of the château. It displays some of the artifacts recovered during the excavations, and explores in greater depth the secrets of this exceptional site. A permanent exhibition open to the discovery of the Landerneau Daoulas region and its heritage!

Consult the public reception opening times

View of the bell tower of Saint-Yves church in La Roche Maurice - Tourisme Landerneau Daoulas

Heritage jewels

Saint-Yves church, one of Finistère's parish enclosures

A little more time on your hands? The church of Saint-Yves, just next door, is well worth a visit and is part of the circuit of parish enclosures.

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