4 places to go geocaching in and around Landerneau

A fun, family-friendly activity, geocaching geocaching is practiced in Landerneau and the surrounding area. In natural areas, in towns or on historical and cultural sites: activate your application and go in search of caches, some of which are very well hidden!

In Trémaouézan

Geocaching in the Langazel peat bog

Set off on a life-size treasure hunt and try to find the 30 caches hidden along the Langazel hiking trail in Trémaouézan. The 9-kilometre trail is ideal for families: young and old alike will quickly get hooked!

Take the opportunity to discover this exceptional natural site, the oldest peat bog in Brittany, and observe its biodiversity thanks to the interpretation panels along the way.

landerneau historic district - landerneau daoulas tourism

In Landerneau and Daoulas

Treasure hunt in Landerneau and Daoulas

Take a stroll to discover Landerneau's Landerneau's heritage or the cultural riches of Daoulas to combine a fun activity that's sure to please the little ones! Activate your geocaching application and find the caches left by other geocachers.

Looking for a fun way to discover the site? Opt for the games booklet, the Kuriosities hunt or the Archikurieux.

At La Roche Maurice

Play the archeological apprentice at Château de Roc'h Morvan

On a rocky outcrop high above La Roche Maurice, Château de Roc'h Morvan has dominated the Élorn valley since the 11th century, surviving wars and 8 centuries of occupation.

While you're discovering this amazing archaeological site, look out for a few mischievously hidden geocaches!

In the Landerneau Daoulas region

Curieux de Nature: geocaching in the Landerneau Daoulas region

Discover our " Curieux de Nature" tour, which takes you through the small towns of the Landerneau Daoulas region to discover the region's heritage: chapels, parish enclosures, kanndi and natural areas.

Caches have been set up all over La Martyre, Ploudiry, Saint Urbain, Domaine de Menez-Meur, and on the Roc'h An Doal trail. How many will you find?