La Martyre parish enclosure

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Enclos paroissiaux du Finistère: 7 nuggets to discover in the Landerneau region

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Trémaouézan parish enclosure

The first nugget on your trip is Trémaouézan, a small village of 500 souls. Its parish enclosure is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the regionso impressive is its size and richness. The parish has long been the site of pilgrimages to the two sacred fountains, by a people living under the threat of numerous epidemics. Take your time to discover all the details, such as the statues of the apostles or the moon on the monumental porch, the work of Landerneau sculptor Roland Doré.

enclos paroissial tremaouezan - landerneau daoulas tourisme
View of the bell tower of Saint-Yves church in La Roche Maurice - Tourisme Landerneau Daoulas

La Roche-Maurice

The parish enclosure at La Roche Maurice

Look up! Its bell tower is considered one of the most beautiful in the Léon region. Here too, the many details invite you to take the time to scrutinize the building from every angle. And the wonderment doesn't stop there: as you enter the church of Saint-Yves, built between the 16th and 17th centuries, you'll be captivated by the large stained-glass Passion window 21 m², just like that! This is the 2e largest stained glass window in Brittany. Other treasures include the rood screen with its grotesque figures and the sablières, which combine religious and secular scenes.


Ploudiry parish enclosure

Until the French Revolution, Ploudiry was the largest and richest parish in the Léon region. This explains the richness of its parish enclosure, which has been constantly embellished over several centuries of economic prosperity. The first thing to marvel at is the monumental monumental porch from 1685, impressive in its grandeur and the finesse of its details. The interior of the church also reveals some magnificent works, notably the altarpieces and the pulpit. As in many buildings constructed during periods when epidemics were raging, death is represented by the figure of the Ankou.

Bell tower of the Ploudiry parish enclosure

The kanndi

On your way, stop off at the kanndi de Mescoat in Ploudiry, which is open to visitors. Kanndi were once rural laundries, typical of North Finistère and linked to the flax industry, which has long been an economic boon for Brittany. Flax yarn was bleached before being woven.

Enclos paroissial de La Martyre en Finistère

La Martyre

La Martyre parish enclosure

Welcome to Léon's oldest parish enclosure, listed as a Monument Historique. Its special feature: the triumphal gateway is surmounted by a calvary with 3 crosses and a parapet walk.. Until the 17th century, it was used as a lookout post to keep an eye on the crowds at fairs. The fortified enclosure also served as a meeting place for the soldiers of the Seigneur de la Roche-Maurice. Inside, the church features several remarkable elements: the sacristy with its large round dome, the Passion stained-glass window restored in 2009, the bell tower and polychrome sablières. As is often the case, the porch features a representation of the Ankou, the personification of death in Brittany.


The Tréflévénez parish enclosure

Your next stop is Tréflévénez. Don't be fooled by its apparent sobriety compared to the splendor of its neighbors: this place is brimming with unsuspected treasures and surprises! To discover them, you'll have to step inside Saint-Pierre church. And keep your eyes peeled: the delicate colors of blue, white and gold, quite atypical of Breton religious buildings, give the place its unique character. unique character. We won't tell you all about it, but there's much more to discover! On your way out, admire the panoramic view over the rolling countryside at the birth of the Monts d'Arrée!

Tréflévénez church choir - Tourisme Landerneau Daoulas
Inside the parish enclosure at La Martyre

Finistère only

Parish enclosures

Typical of Breton religious architecture, most parish enclosures were built between the 15th and 17th centuries, a period of great economic prosperity in Brittany, particularly in northern Finistère. The enclosures proudly display the wealth of a parish, which was showcased at the internationally renowned trade fairs that took place in the small towns around Landerneau or in the Morlaix region.

The church, calvary, ossuary, cemetery, fountain and sometimes a chapel are usually located inside the surrounding wall, which is entered through a triumphal gate.

To find out all about parish enclosures in Finistère, head for the Interpretation Centre in Guimiliau!

The stained glass window in the heart of Pencran's parish enclosure - Tourisme Landerneau Daoulas


Pencran parish enclosure

Back to more traditional, but no less admirable, models of religious buildings. In Pencran, it's the south porch of the enclosure that catches the eye with its decoration: it houses the 12 apostles in a flamboyant niche. The bell tower contains one of the oldest bells in Finistère. Inside, don't miss the centerpiece, the Descente de Croix (Descent from the Cross) dating from 1517, and the fanciful sablières featuring a mixture of human and animal faces.


Dirinon parish enclosure

On to Dirinon for the final stage. Herehistory mingles with legend particularly that of the Irish Saint-Nonne, a young nun who fled her native Wales after being abused by a prince. She found refuge in Armorique, where she founded a hermitage under the oak trees of Dirinon (= "the nun's oaks"). She gave birth to a child, Divy, who later became patron saint of Wales, and it is said that the rock she was standing on softened to form a cradle for the child. Inside the chapel, an impressive recumbent statue, dating from the mid-15th century, is dedicated to Saint Nun. And don't forget to look up at the vaulted ceiling!

Paintings on the ceiling of Dirinon church - Tourisme Landerneau Daoulas