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Landerneau, a town of history and symbols

Discover Landerneau through its history and the symbols associated with the town.

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Landerneau, a historic town

The charming marriage of stone and water

A city bursting with culture, nestled in Brest's harbor, Landerneau still retains its historic charm, with the omnipresence of stone and the preservation of its symbols. Dive into the heart of a town on a human scale, and its history!

logonna yellow stone - Landerneau Daoulas Tourisme
Saint-Cadou Ossuary

The Landerneau moon, a real symbol

Landerneau, City of the Moon: a history of the coat of arms

Landerneau is often referred to as the City of the Moon. Do you know the origin? The legend dates back to the Middle Ages. The coat of arms of the lords of Léon featured several symbols, including a salmon, the sun and the moon. When the heiress married a Rohan lord, he kept only the sun symbol. Problem: it was also the symbol chosen by King Louis XIV! The lord settled for a simple moon. The people said: " Farewell to the Landerneau sun, all we have left is the moon ".

Today, the symbol lives on in the poetic nickname " City of the Moon ". The star can also be found on a number of buildings, such as the Auberge des Treize Lunes, a downtown manor house, posters and postcards, and even in the name and signage of certain businesses.

Just for fun!

Visit the Chocolaterie and ask to be served a "Lune de Landerneau": a delicious little chocolate and puff pastry sweet that recalls the town's history! Visit La Manufacture to discover the whole history of chocolate: an educational tour, cooking classes and other surprises.

pont de rohan waterfall in landerneau - Landerneau Daoulas Tourisme


The inhabited bridge, a symbol of Landerneau

A must-see for those discovering the city, the Pont de Rohan is one of the last 3 inhabited bridges in France (a second is located in Pont-l'Abbé, in south Finistère) and one of the last in Europe. Over 500 years old, it was the only way to cross the River Élorn for several centuries. To discover its history and charm, take advantage of a flash visit organized by the Tourist Office. And why not spend the night?


Noise in Landerneau!

The expression, used well beyond the town, does it really have a Landerne origin? Yes, it does! It comes from the play "Les Héritiers", performed in Paris in 1796. The scene takes place in a château on the outskirts of Landerneau. The owner, whom everyone believes to have perished in a shipwreck, makes an unexpected return that surprises his valet. His valet exclaims: " This will make a noise in Landerneau!

The expression has been appropriated by the public and is widely used. Popularized as much in literature as in journalism or politics, it's used to describe news of little importance, but which attracts public curiosity. In other words: gossip!

Fête du bruit!" festival

Place à la fête! Landerneau's contemporary music festival couldn't have found a better name! The "Fête du Bruit" takes place every year in mid-August, right in the heart of the town.

house of the senechaussee in landerneau - Landerneau Daoulas Tourisme
Maison de la Sénéchaussée or House of Duchess Anne

A mineral city

The omnipresence of stone in Landerneau

When you visit Landerneau, its historic center and the Saint-Thomas district, you'll notice the omnipresence of stone in both civil and religious buildings. Yellow or ochre, this is Logonna stone, or "Roz" stone, named after the quarry where it comes from, in Logonna-Daoulas. It is the material of choice for many Breton calvaries and houses. Take a close look: its brown rings give it an almost wood-like appearance.

Fifty shades of grey for kersantite, a rock of magmatic origin, extracted from various locations in the Brest harbor. Depending on where it's extracted, it can range from light gray to almost black. It takes its name from the port of Kersanton, where it was discovered, and where it is still extracted. Its particularity: it is extremely resistant and easy to work. That's why it's the material of choice for sculptures that stand up to the (sometimes harsh) Breton weather!

houses in the historic heart of landerneau - Landerneau Daoulas Tourisme
Historic heart
quai de cornouaille in landerneau - Landerneau Daoulas Tourisme
Quai de Cornouaille


Landerneau, a heritage candidate for the Geopark Unesco label

The rich, well-preserved heritage of Landerneau and the surrounding area has been recognized as a Geopark Armorique since 2021. History has shaped Landerneau into the town it is today: a port town where the linen trade is still very much alive, a religious heritage directly linked to the prosperity of the post-medieval era, geological features linked to the Logonna and Kersanton stones...
This well-deserved recognition is a great way to put the town and its region in the international spotlight.

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Landerneau, heading for Brittany!

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  • Access via RN12 from Paris-Rennes-Saint-Brieuc
  • Access via RN165 from Nantes, Vannes, Quimper

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  • Landerneau SNCF train station

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  • Brest-Bretagne Airport
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