abgrall mystery landerneau daoulas tourism


Decode the Abgrall mystery in Landerneau!

  • Players
  • On foot
  • 2h30

A life-size game

A regional survey

"Erwann Abgrall, a wealthy eccentric from Brittany, has disappeared, leaving behind an immense fortune, albeit of mysterious origin. Maître Braouzec, a notary in Rennes, has been asked to settle the deceased's estate. It's not every day that a case like this comes across his desk! But the case promises to be a thorny one: Erwann Abgrall left neither a will nor an heir. Worse still, the usual genealogical research - Braouzec's great specialty - has yielded no results...".

Armed with our investigator's kit, we set off on the trail of the Abgrall Mystery! Landerneau is one of the new stopover towns for the Mystère Abgrall regional game.

In Finistère, three other towns complete the investigation: Le Faou, Guerlesquin and Concarneau. In all, 16 towns in Brittany make up the Abgrall Mystery.

Go back in time in Landerneau with the Abgrall Mystery!

abgrall mystery game landerneau daoulas tourism
abgrall mystery game landerneau daoulas tourism

Fun discovery

The Abgrall Mystery concept

Le Mystère Abgrall is a life-size game, recommended for experienced players aged 13 and over accompanied by an adult.

Halfway between an escape game and a treasure hunt, we move from enigma to enigma to discover the city's discover the city's heritage thanks to a number of elements: a numbered map of the town, a game book which is the real thread of the investigation, 16 cardboard appendices for solving the riddles, a practical information sheet, a clue sheet (to be opened only if you get stuck!), a postcard on which to write the answers

These elements make up the investigator's kit, available on request from the Landerneau Tourist Office in exchange for a €25 deposit. Please check the Tourist Office opening hours, as the kit must be returned before the Office closes.

abgrall mystery game landerneau daoulas tourism

Play independently

The game can be played all year round, in any season!
You can also download and print out the complete investigator's kit free of charge from home (no smartphone game available) on the website :

Between observation and logic

From riddles to challenges

After reading the survey kit and practical information, we're ready to go!

There's no set direction, but we recommend you follow the numbering on the map, as the level of difficulty increases with each puzzle.

So, as we take a stroll through the town's heritage, we progress from riddle to riddle, following the clues to fortune that Erwann Abgrall has scattered throughout the heart of the City of the Moon. Our logic, our sense of observation and even our mathematical approach are put to the test...

After just over 2 hours of play, we finished the investigation, proud to have filled in the postcard in its entirety and without having to resort to the clue card!

As soon as we'd finished the investigation, we felt like coming back, and are already planning to repeat the experience with one of the other Mystery Abgrall investigations!

When's the next step?

A desire for a new investigation!

We had a great time, and the time just flew by! It was also an opportunity to learn more about Landerneau's exceptional heritage, in a playful, scenic way.

Even more puzzles!

The most experienced investigators, intent on solving all or part of the Abgrall Mystery, are invited to visit the Cabinet Braouzec website, where they can compare their answers and unlock additional documents to further the overall Abgrall Mystery investigation.

How do I get there?

Landerneau, heading for Brittany!

By car

  • Access via RN12 from Paris-Rennes-Saint-Brieuc
  • Access via RN165 from Nantes, Vannes, Quimper

By train

  • Landerneau SNCF train station

By plane

  • Brest-Bretagne Airport
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