Shops and craftsmen in Landerneau - Pays de Landerneau Daoulas Tourisme

Living in and visiting the city

There are many ways to discover Landerneau and its historic heart. Take a guided tour, stroll along the Elorn River, ride a Ti Vélo, discover the city's secrets with a treasure hunt... For young and old alike, the choice is yours!

Discover Landerneau: tours for everyone!

quais de l'elorn in landerneau
walk on the banks of the elorn river
Family on the Rohan bridge in Landerneau - Tourism Landerneau Daoulas

Ideas for outings

A day in Landerneau

Discover the town of Landerneau for a day. Discover Landerneau' s historical heritage, enjoy good food and drink, take an artistic break and go for a bike ride: an ideal program for discovering the Cité de Lune on your own, with friends or family! 

A stroll along the water's edge

L'Elorn, Landerneau's river side

Looking for a nature break in the city? Follow the banks of the Elorn and the towpath in Landerneau. On foot or by bike, take advantage of this 2-hour stroll to discover the surrounding nature and the town's rich heritage. 

Stroll in Landerneau - Pays de Landerneau Daoulas Tourisme
guided tours in Landerneau - Landerneau Daoulas tourisme

Visit Landerneau

1001 ways to discover Landerneau

There are 1001 ways to discover or rediscover Landerneau, Brittany. Whether you know this Finistère town or not, you can learn more about its history on your own, during a guided tour, with game booklets... You're sure to find what you're looking for! 

Discovery in pictures

2 minutes to discover Landerneau!

Immerse yourself in the excitement of Landerneau! Here, heritage is alive and kicking with cultural and artistic creations... Let the music carry you away!