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Landerneau Landerneau
  • Type Pedestrian
  • Distance 6.5 Km
  • Duration 2h
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Walks
145 OT Pays de Landerneau - Thibault Poriel - 2022 - BD
189 OT Pays de Landerneau - Thibault Poriel - 2022 - BD
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Along this circuit, the banks of the Elorn are revealed. As you walk along the river, you'll discover not only Landerneau's heritage, but also a varied and well-preserved biodiversity. You can shorten your walk at any time, thanks to the bridges and footbridges that span the Elorn. Follow the blue signs.

Tourist Office tip: for a complete visit, take along the Landerneau Discovery Guide!

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Step 1/7:

The start is under the lift bridge, behind the Saint-Ernel sports fields on the towpath.

Follow the riverbanks as you make your way gently into the city center. You then arrive at Quai de Cornouaille. The Pont de Rohan's maritime façade begins to reveal its details. You pass close to the Caërnarfon bridge.

The towpath

Continue along the riverbank to the kayak base. Pass the Traon Elorn site, which marks the town's industrial past.

Traon Elorn

Back towards the town center, you can see the other side of the Rohan bridge.

Rohan Bridge

You follow the river Elorn along the Quai de Léon

Le quai de Léon

A little further on, you enter the urban park along the Quai Barthélémy Kerros.

You can now enjoy the peace and greenery of the riverbanks. Continue your stroll and pass under the lift bridge to discover the natural surroundings close to the town center. Turn right in front of the nautical base. Walk back down along the river and return to your starting point.

End of circuit
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