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On the water

Supervised activities or free walks on the Brest harbour and river

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Glide along the water

Discover the pleasure of kayaking or stand-up paddling! You'll glide along gently, arm-in-arm (yes, a minimum of effort is required), at the water's edge, silently...

The creeks and rias of Brest's harbor are ideal for these nature outings, far from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Depending on the tide and the time of day, the lights transform landscapes that seemed so familiar. A discovery of every moment!

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La pointe du Bendy in Logonna

Nouveauté 2024

Remontez l'Élorn en bateau

Avec le Brestoa ou en vieux gréement

Découvrez l’Élorn autrement le temps d’une excursion en mer de Brest jusqu’à Landerneau

À bord du Brestoa ou en vieux gréement (le Loch Monna et le Dalh Mad), profitez d’une balade au fil de l’eau pour découvrir les paysages singuliers de l’Élorn jusqu’à la cité de la Lune. 

Remontée de l'Élorn avec le Dalh Mad - Tourisme Landerneau Daoulas
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Trust the professionals!

Learn to navigate

The sailing centers of the Landerneau Daoulas region organize sailing, catamaran, dinghy and kayak courses for young people and adults, all year round and during the school vacations. If you want to improve your skills and feel more comfortable, contact the professionals!

Let the pros guide you!

Nautical centers and supervised activities
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Adapted activities

Water-based leisure accessible to all

In the Landerneau Daoulas region, we're fortunate to have people who are committed to accessibility and inclusion... including for water sports activities!

The Alligators sailing club in Landerneau offers adapted two-seater kayaks.

The Moulin Mer center in Logonna-Daoulas offers sea outings on a boat accessible to 8 wheelchair users, accompanied by an attendant. Sailing trips are also available on the Fillao.

L'Miaggo company has the equipment you need to enjoy the great outdoors.