Family at the Galerie de Rohan in Landerneau - Tourism Landerneau Daoulas

Artistic encounters

Landerneau, at the heart of a cultural ferment!

Exhibition at the Galerie de Rohan in Landerneau - Tourism Landerneau Daoulas

Culture and contemporary art

Art and culture at the heart of the city

Since the opening of the Fonds hélène et Edouard Leclerc pour la culture and the Galerie de Rohan, Landerneau has resolutely turned its attention to integrating contemporary art into the heart of the town. In addition to artists' studios and numerous art exhibitions, Landerneau is an ideal stopover for an "arty" stay in Brittany.

Fonds Hélène et Édouard Leclerc - Tourism Pays de Landerneau Daoulas

A must in Brittany

The Hélène & Édouard Leclerc Fund

Since 2012, in the heart of Landerneau, the Fonds Hélène & Édouard Leclerc has become THE place to be in Brittany for art lovers and neophytes alike. Each year, the FHEL offers a high-quality modern art exhibition and welcomes internationally renowned artists

For all

The Rohan Gallery

Discover the Rohan Gallery and its annual exhibitions in Landerneau. An initiative of the town of Landerneau, the gallery aims to be a place of exchange, sharing and openness to contemporary art, accessible to all and for all .

Two exhibitions punctuate the life of the gallery each year.

Family workshop at the Galerie de Rohan in Landerneau - Tourism Landerneau Daoulas

Landerneau, city of artists

Landerneau artists and craftsmen

Resolutely artistic, Landerneau is a mecca for arts and crafts. Here, numerous artists and craftspeople rub shoulders and exhibit their skills: ceramists, painters, engravers, bookbinders, glassblowers and soapmakers... Discover their stores and workshops as you stroll through the historic center of the City of the Moon

Artist's studio in Brittany - Tourism Landerneau Daoulas
festival Fete du Bruit in landerneau


Noise Festival in Landerneau

At the height of summer, downtown Landerneau is transformed into a festival ground! Every year since 2009, the Fête du Bruit takes place in the gardens of La Palud, on the banks of the River Elorn, for a 3-day festival packed with rock pop rap headliners. It's a great way to enjoy the sounds of today's music with friends and family!

Current exhibitions

Throughout the year, numerous exhibitions are programmed in the Landerneau Daoulas region, so keep your eyes peeled!

Photographic walks at Daoulas Abbey - Tourism Landerneau Daoulas
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