festival Fete du Bruit in landerneau

A must

Festival Fete du Bruit in Landerneau

At the height of summer, downtown Landerneau is transformed into a festival ground! Every year since 2009, the Fête du Bruit has taken up residence in the gardens of La Palud, on the banks of the River Elorn, for a 3-day festival packed with rock pop rap headliners. It's a great way to enjoy the sounds of today's music with friends and family!

In the heart of summer

Fête du Bruit in Landerneau, a festival not to be missed

Although the festival's name echoes an 18th-century expression, it is indeed contemporary music that resonates in the heart of Landerneau. Landerneau for 3 days in August.

After numerous concerts in Landerneau, the creation of an open-air festival became the new challenge for the L'Art-Scène association, with the support of the town. In 2009, the first Fête du Bruit was held in Landerneau, featuring Tryo, Bernard Lavilliers and Caravane Palace, in front of over 10,000 spectators...

Fête du Bruit today

Today, after more than 10 years of cultural activism in the service of music, the region and the public, the Fête du Bruit attracts more than 50,000 spectators every year. Since its inception, over 300 artists and 500,000 festival-goers have taken to the Jardins de la Palud, a green setting in the heart of Landerneau.

Place aux artistes

They played at the Fête du Bruit!

A flagship festival in the Brittany region, Fête du Bruit defends a strong artistic project, mixing international headliners with the most exciting revelations of the moment.

Amy Macdonald, Bigflo & Oli, Cypress Hill, David Guetta, DJ Snake, Garbage, Gossip, Iggy Pop, Indochine, Marilyn Manson, -M-, Paul Kalkbrenner, Peter Doherty, Placebo, Shaka Ponk, Simple Minds, Skip The Use, Snoop Dogg, Stromae, S-Crew, Texas, The Hives, The Offspring, The Pogues...

The 14th edition welcomed Macklemore, Damso, Matmatah, Izïa, Placebo, Mass Hysteria and many others...

See you in 2024 for the 15th edition: August 9, 10 and 11! 

festival Fete du Bruit in landerneau

The festival experience

A weekend with friends to enjoy the sounds of contemporary music

The five friends from Rennes arrived in Landerneau by trainthen made their way to the festival campsite using the Ti bikes, self-service electric bikes. Too easy to get around Landerneau!

Their 3-day pass pass in hand, they set up camp at the campsite, get to know the neighbors, then make their way along the river to the festival site. The first bass notes are already ringing out...

For 3 days, they live to the rhythm of the concerts, take the opportunity to discover the city cafés and restaurants and restaurants have opened their terraces... everything is accessible on foot or by bike, which is very practical!

The nights are short and they're enjoying the festival atmosphere 100%! The train ride home is enlivened by playlists featuring new artists discovered during the festival.

Stroll in Landerneau - Pays de Landerneau Daoulas Tourisme

A festival in the city

Next to the Fête du Bruit

For the curious who want to discover the townLanderneau has a few surprises in store. Don't miss the the "In the footsteps of Tolkien" exhibition at the Fonds Hélène et Edouard Leclerc! Plunge into the medieval imagination through the drawings of John Howe, illustrator of Tolkien's sagas (until January 24, 2024).

Visit restaurants and cafés in Landerneau line the heritage trail through the heart of the town. Look up to discover discover local nuggets in Logonna stone or Kersantite... not forgetting the Rohan Bridgeone of the last inhabited bridges in Europe!

practical information

The Fête du Bruit in practical terms

  • Getting to Fête du Bruit: find out how to get to Landerneau and think about carpooling to the festival!
  • Online ticketing - For your information, tickets are also available at the Tourist Office reception desk.
  • Accessibility: A special reception area is reserved for people with reduced mobility: a corridor at the entrances and a platform in front of the stage.
    A dedicated parking area is provided in front of the Family (Landerneau cultural center, 50 m from the festival entrance). Specific signage is in place. Height-adjustable bars have been installed, as well as a magnetic loop for the hearing-impaired.