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Eating well around Landerneau: the best of Breton gastronomy! 

Don't leave without tasting it!

Pancakes, oysters and Kig Ha Farz... Feasting in Finistère

Gastronomy is an integral part of Breton heritage! In fact, we have our own word for gourmets: "lichous"!

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Brest bay oyster - Landerneau Daoulas Tourisme
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For gourmets

Restaurants and crêperies
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Landerneau market

Flavors and fragrances

At markets or direct sales, meet local producers!

What better way to discover Brittany's gastronomy than to buy produce from local producers? There are 2 ways to do this direct sales or markets. As the seasons change, so do the colors and smells of the produce on offer.

Don't miss the Sunday market in Daoulas !


Nos restaurateurs ont du talent !

How can you resist?

Pancakes: a Breton emblem and delicacy!

It's impossible to talk about Brittany without mentioning crêpes and galettes. Here, they're at the heart of heritage, culture and family traditions. There are even festivals and competitions devoted to them in Finistère.

With wheat (sweet) or buckwheat (savoury), they're filled with local produce, and enjoyed quietly seated on the terrace of a crêperie, or standing up in the atmosphere of a festival.

crepes et galettes - Landerneau Daoulas tourism

The Brest oyster

The Bay of Brest is a prime area for the cultivation of flat and deep oysters. Ultra-fresh, sold direct and on markets, they delight the palates of lovers of iodized products.

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The authentic

Kig Ha Farz: discovering a typical Breton recipe

There are a thousand and one recipes for this Breton pot au feu, which is distinguished by its very special ingredient: far noir (or "farz du"), which gives it all its authenticity. Jeanne, a native of the region and a true gourmet, takes us on a tour of the family tradition as she prepares Kig Ha Farz!