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Why take advantage?

Located at the eastern end of the Brest roadstead, Landerneau has a curious feature: one of its shores is in Léon, while the other is in Cornouaille! To smoothly link these two territories, there's nothing better than a stroll across the Pont de Rohan. This 500-year-old bridge is one of the last inhabited bridges in Europe.
While some of Europe's bridges are still standing, only the Pont de Rohan faces the daily challenge of the tides! At 67 metres long, it forms the boundary between the sea to the west and the river to the east.

Landerneau boasts a rich architectural heritage testifying to its prosperous past. From the 16th to the 18th century, many shipowners made their fortune in the linen trade, which was exported from the town's port. The beautiful facades of their mansions still lend the town center an undeniable charm. They are, however, less famous than the inhabited bridge, to which Landerneau owes part of its notoriety. This is hardly surprising: although inhabited bridges were widespread in the Middle Ages, they have now almost completely disappeared.

Built in 1510 by Jean II de Rohan and comprising six arches, it first housed a mill, a chapel and even a prison, before dwellings, surmounting their owners' shops, were built there from the 17th century onwards.
For many years, it was the only way to cross the River Élorn at Landerneau! This made it strategically important for trade. It wasn't until 1930 that the construction of the Albert Louppe Bridge, between Brest and Plougastel-Daoulas, improved passage between Cornouaille and Léon!

In August 1944, the German army planned to destroy Landerneau's inhabited bridge, but fortunately failed in its attempt... It wasn't until 1958 that the Caërnarfon bridge was finally built a few dozen meters further on. The Pont de Rohan has now become a pedestrian area with numerous restaurants, cafés and shops.

The Tourist Office organizes flash tours of the inhabited bridge (30min) in July and August.
During school vacations, follow the town's volunteer guides on a tour of Landerneau's historic center.

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Guided tour by the Tourist Office and volunteer guides from the town of Landerneau.

Historic sites and monuments

Rohan bridge

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