Ploudiry parish enclosure

Historic sites and monuments
Enclos paroissial de Ploudiry - main porch
Enclos paroissial de Ploudiry - ossuary
Ploudiry parish enclosure
Enclos paroissial de Ploudiry - bell tower

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Please note: the church is currently under renovation and closed to the public.

Today a small rural commune, the parish of Ploudiry was, until the Revolution, the largest and one of the richest in the Léon region (80 km²).

The parish enclosure, imposing in its size, was constantly embellished during this prosperous economic period, when religious fervor led to the construction of one of the finest ensembles in the Léon region.

The ossuary (1635, rebuilt in 1731), listed as a historic monument, housed bones previously buried in the church. The faithful could then sprinkle them with holy water through the niches (windowless at the time). The angel on the holy-water stoup (1635) reads: "Bonnes gentz qui par icy passez, priez Dieu pour les Trépassez". As elsewhere, at a time when epidemics were raging, death was very much on people's minds. The frieze of the ossuary depicts people of various qualities on equal terms in the face of death (personified by the Ankou). This legendary figure in Breton beliefs can be found on many of the region's parish enclosures.

The church's south porch (1685) is impressive for its magnificence, the finesse of its carvings and the originality of its decoration.
The interior of the church (rebuilt in 1700 and its bell tower in 1854) features magnificent works such as the altarpieces and the preaching chair.

Nearby: Saint-Antoine fountain and chapel.

Guided tour available with the APEVE association (booking required).

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Guided tour with the APEVE association (booking required at least 4 weeks in advance).

Historic sites and monuments

Ploudiry parish enclosure

29800 Ploudiry
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