Bendy strike in Logonna-Daoulas

See the sea

Swimming in Brest harbour: our best seaside spots!

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The Brest roadstead is a stretch of calm water linked to the ocean by the Brest Narrows.

kayak and paddle in the bay of brest at logonna - landerneau daoulas tourisme
boats at the pointe du bendy in logonna - landerneau Daoulas Tourisme
Swimming at Logonna-Daoulas in Brest harbour - Tourisme Landerneau Daoulas

Bathing in Brest's harbour: visit the beaches!

Here, sandstorms replace sandy beaches. No castle or sculpture contests, but no sand that sticks to your skin either! The waters here are calm, with few currents less cold than on the beaches of the Mer d'Iroise or the Côte des Légendes, for example.

Our favourite beaches for swimming in Brest harbour:

  • in Hanvec: Lanvoy, Le Glugeau
  • in L'Hôpital-Camfrout: Tibidy, Kerdreolet, Troaon, Kerascoët
  • in Logonna-Daoulas: Yelen, Le Bendy, Porsisquin, Anse du bourg
  • in Loperhet: Pors Don, Kersanton

A good plan

Equip younger children with small booties for swimming, as oyster shells can be sharp.

Drinks by the sea

For those of us who live here year-round, the seaside cafés are our favourite places to meet up with friends after a day's work. Particularly in summer, when some of them come alive with concerts and other entertainment.

On Sundays, it's always great to stop for an ice cream for an ice cream or a cold drink after a family stroll along the coastal path!

Our favorite terraces with sea views: Le Café de l'Ancre in Rostiviec, La Paillote du Yelen (summer only), Le Goéland in Landerneau...


Where to get a drink?
Family fishing in Troaon -Tourisme Landerneau Daoulas

Shellfish and crustaceans

Fishing in the harbour: an experience to be savoured!

Living on the edge of Brest's harbor also means living with the cycles of the tides. When the high tides come in, about once a month, we set aside a family day to go scratching among the rocks and bring back a few treasures to cook at home.

Family fishing in Brittany

What you need to know

Please note that fishing on foot may be subject to health restrictions or guidelines relating to the size and preservation of species. Before setting out on a fishing trip, ask at the Tourist Office!

kayak and paddle in the bay of brest at logonna - landerneau daoulas tourisme

To the sea !

Sailing in Brest harbour

The Brest roadstead is the ideal playground for learn to sail or kayaking for beginners, or for those who just want to sail in calm waters. A number of sailing centers offer introductory courses from an early age, for all those who dream of being a sailor or captain!

Hike to Bendy Point in Logonna-Daoulas - Tourism Landerneau Daoulas


Discover Brest harbour on foot

Before or after your swim, put on your sneakers and discover Brest Harbour from the coastal path: between coves, points and rias, superb views of the harbour and the Crozon peninsula await you. 

How do I get there?

Head for Brittany, to the Landerneau Daoulas region!

Rendezvous at the edge of the Brest roadstead in Daoulas, Logonna-Daoulas, Loperhet, L'Hôpital-Camfrout, Hanvec

Coming by car

  • Access by RN12 from Paris-Rennes-Saint-Brieuc, Landerneau exit then Daoulas direction
  • Access via RN165 from Nantes, Vannes, Quimper, Daoulas exit
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