Campagne du Pouligou trail

Daoulas Daoulas
  • Type Pedestrian
  • Distance 3.5 Km
  • Duration 1h
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Walks
506 OT Pays de Landerneau - Thibault Poriel - 2022 - BD

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The Pouligou trail takes you to the heights of Daoulas. Through the woods, you follow the ancient Roman roads. A beautiful panorama of the town awaits you.

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Step 1/5:

Leaving Moulin du Pont. Take rue du Valy and follow the road towards Logonna-Daoulas.
Caution: leave the coastal path to the right towards the pointe de Rosmélec and continue for a few meters along the D33 (cross to the other side of the road at the barrier).


Turn left onto the road through the hamlet of Pouligou. Turn right onto a sunken track leading up to Rest ar Pouligou. Follow the narrow road to the D770, which you will cross to take the narrow path opposite (slightly to the right).

You'll come to a clavaire (Porsguénou). Turn left down the old Roman road overlooking Reun ar Moal.

The ancient Roman road

You arrive at Guern Dérédec (or Vern Dérédec). Turn right on the road to Quimper. You'll arrive in the shopping area. Join the soccer pitch and the route e la Gare.

Take the route de la gare (D33) down to the traffic-light junction with the Manoir du Vieux Kérisit, then take the opposite street to reach the
Meunerie du Moulin du Pont museum.

End of circuit
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