Photographic walks in Daoulas

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Photographic walks in Daoulas

Why experience this event?

Echoing the Mourir, quelle histoire! exhibition at Daoulas Abbey, this year the Abbey and the town of Daoulas invite two French photographers to present their work on the theme of memory.

- In the gardens of Daoulas Abbey:
This exhibition presents two parts of a cycle devoted by artist-photographer Sophie Zenon to her family history of Italian immigration to France.
"L'homme paysage (Alexandre)" evokes her father's arrival in the Vosges through identity photos reproduced and re-photographed in nature.
"In the Mirror of the Rice Fields" revisits, in the shadow of her maternal grandmother, the figure of the mondina, a seasonal worker whose job consisted of transplanting and pruning in the rice fields of Italy's Piedmont region.

- In the town of Daoulas:
Benjamin Deroche's "Memories" series evokes memories, but also a form of invisible energy made up of our life experiences. These photographs are open to contemplation and free interpretation, offering a rare experience.

A new interpretation trail invites you to discover the gardens and remains of Daoulas Abbey on your own.
If you'd like to find out more about the history of the site and its gardens, you'll find the answers to your questions thanks to these displays installed throughout the site.
Come and take advantage of them!

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  • Until December 03, 2023

Photographic walks in Daoulas

Daoulas Abbey
29460 Daoulas
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