Pointe de Rosmelec coastal path

Daoulas Daoulas
  • Type Pedestrian
  • Distance 7.4 Km
  • Duration 2h
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Walks
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Departing from the historic town center, the Pointe de Rosmelec trail runs alongside the River Daoulas. The river is gradually revealed along the way. The scenery changes with the tides and the weather.
From the pointe de Rosmelec, a full view to the west! The port of Kersanton and the Logonna-Daoulas peninsula come into view. A bucolic place where it's good to stop for a picnic and why not take a dip at high tide.

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Depart from Moulin du Pont (Ecomuseum of flour milling). Take rue du Valy towards Logonna-Daoulas. Cross the quay and follow the riverbank.

Departure from Moulin du Pont

Cross the wooden baffle on the right and follow the path to the jetty. You'll arrive on a small beach.

Towards the small strike

The path then climbs to the left and enters the undergrowth overlooking the shore. Continue along the shoreline (caution: do not approach too close to the banks due to rock erosion). This part of the Rivière de Daoulas is renowned for its rich birdlife.


The path drops down to the riverbank and joins a farm track. Turn right onto

Along the riverbank

The trail passes through an old Kersanton granite quarry (caution: wood and stone steps) before arriving at the Pointe de Rosmélec beach. This "remarkable" area (
) offers a panoramic view over Daoulas Bay, which opens westwards onto Brest harbour.

The old granite quarry

At the pointe de Rosmélec, follow the road to the hamlet of the same name. Turn right before the farm buildings, then cross the wooden footbridge to skirt the remarkable wetland with protected plants.

In Rosmelec

Walk to the embankment of the departmental road to Logonna-Daoulas, go up along the field and turn left onto the small road leading to the hamlet of Vernuec.


Turn right and follow the road. Go past the gîtes (large restored farmhouse) to
Kernéïz (farm buildings on the left). The local path runs between the buildings, but for your convenience, the owners suggest that you take a blue signposted route around the farm. Then join the coastal path down the sunken path (sometimes slippery). At the fork in the road, turn right and return to the village.

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