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From the port of Morgat to the Presqu'île de Roscanvel, via Cap de la Chèvre, Camaret
and the Pointe de Pen Hir, embark on one of our five walks along the water and admire
the maritime treasures of the Presqu'île de Crozon. Shimmering sea caves, heavenly coves, dizzying cliffs, majestic Tas de Pois, fortifications, fauna, flora, legends and stories from the past - each tour invites you to marvel and enjoy a unique moment on the ocean.

Leaving from Morgat :

01 -The Visit of the Sea Caves (50min)

Come on board with our sailor guides for a unique experience, a journey through time. A visit to the sea caves of Morgat, on the Crozon Peninsula, veritable open-air museums of incredible colors and legends.
Take a picturesque trip around Morgat and discover the places that made this seaside resort famous, developed by Armand Peugeot and Louis Richard in the late 19th century: shimmering sea caves, centuries-old legends, a marina, Chabal villas perched on the heights...

A walk through history, nature and geology.

02 -L'Anse de l'île vierge, Criques & Falaises (1h10)

From the port of Morgat to the grotte de l'Église, discover the treasures of the coastline, and in particular the beauty of the turquoise waters of Ile Vierge, the cliffs, wild coves and pebble beaches, most of which can only be reached by sea.
Leave the port of Morgat to admire the caves that line the coastline and the impressive cliffs as far as the Pointe du Dolmen, passing through the turquoise, heavenly waters of Ile Vierge. An ideal opportunity to discover the local flora and fauna, and gain a better understanding of the tides that govern life in the surrounding area.

And if the sea is mild, our sailor guides will show you the interior of the Grotte de l'Église and the beauties it conceals.

03 - Cap de la Chèvre & Anse de St Nicolas (1h15)

From the port of Morgat to Cap de la Chèvre, a stroll along the water to discover the foreshore and sea caves of the Crozon Peninsula.
A walk in the Mer d'Iroise, between the Pointe du Raz and Cap de la Chèvre, to discover the Anse de Saint-Nicolas, when the foreshore reveals its treasures. Admire islets, rocky points and vertiginous cliffs eroded by time. A magical setting where flower-filled moorland, lagoon-like coves and maritime pines have nothing to envy the Mediterranean.

A place rich in stories and legends that our sailor guides will be delighted to tell you about...

Departure from Camaret :

04 -La Pointe de Pen Hir & ses Tas de Pois (1h15)

From the port of Camaret-sur-Mer to the famous Tas de Pois, the Pointe de Pen-Hir is yours to explore on a journey through the Iroise Sea.
Leaving from the port of Camaret, set off to meet the impressive Tas de Pois, the emblematic sentinels of the Finistère headland and the landmarks of many seabirds. A route punctuated by wild places, memories of the past, caves, coves and beaches. A privileged moment when you might come across a seal, a crested cormorant, a Troil's guillemot or, if you're lucky, a Torda penguin.

05 -The Pointe des Espagnols & its Fortifications (1h30)

Discover the fortifications route from the ocean, the history of the Roscanvel peninsula and the works of Vauban. An open-air history lesson.
Embark on a journey back in time along the route des fortifications, discovering the built heritage of the northern Crozon Peninsula. A strategic zone for the defense of the Goulet de Brest, it is home to numerous clifftop forts, including Fraternité, Capucins and Cornouaille. An opportunity for our sailor guides to talk about Vauban, the battles that have left their mark on history and the landscape, and of course the omnipresent nature that is gradually reclaiming its rights.

Municipal parking lot (fee payable from mid-June to mid-September) next to the Morgat ticket office.

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  • Groups from 20 to 168 people
  • Pets allowed

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  • Average length of an individual visit: 40m

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  • English


  • Regional Nature Park values

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The situation:
  • By the sea
  • On a port: Morgat
  • Close to a hiking trail: GR 34
  • Close to shops
  • In a port: Camaret-sur-Mer
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Babies -1 year

Dogs: €5
max 3 dogs per boat, 25kg max for tours departing from Morgat.

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  • Du 01/04/2024 au 26/09/2024

July - August: daily 9am to 6pm
April - May - June - September: Sunday to Friday 10am to 12:30pm / 1:30pm to 5pm (variable according to tides and departures). Closed on Saturdays.

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Pleasure boats

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